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You may have guessed that Odeyalo is a Montreal-based brand, but did you know that the names of our styles refer to local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops? For us, it's a ode to our love for our city and its many treasures. Here is a couple of our favorites.


The MAJESTIQUE resto-bar on Saint-Laurent Street

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This bar has been open for 4 years and David Pagé is the general manager.  With Sunday brunches and late hours, MAJESTIQUE was an easy pick.

We chose the name MAJESTIQUE for pants that were launched in our first collection. They became a staple and have lived on for several collections. These pants are perfectly timeless and great for any occasion.


The MANITOBA restaurant on Saint-Zotique Street

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Restaurant MANITOBA was launched by Élizabeth Cardin and Simon Cantin. Their Mile-Ex location is near Odeyalo's workshop. Did you know that Mile Ex was voted the "coolest neighbourhood in the world" in 2016? We agree! Manitoba's high ceilings and industrial eclectic decor is the definition of cool.

Our homage to this establishment is the MANITOBA sweatshirt. The Spring 2018 version of the MANITOBA was produced in an amazingly soft hemp and cotton blend fleece. You'll be a believer as soon as you touch it! 


Cafe Parvis

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Cafe PARVIS is a one-of-a-kind place, and thats why we decided to do our photo shoot there last February. Stepping foot into Cafe PARVIS, you are magically transported into the heart of nature surrounded by plants, abundant natural light, wood and raw materials. A popular destination, this place is almost always full.

On the second floor, you'll find a very nice co-working space, also filled with natural light. This is the spot where we shot our Spring 2018 lookbook.


The item named after this café is our PARVIS knit. A first model of this sweater was part of our Fall 2016 collection. Due to its popularity we decided to bring it back in the Fall 2017 collection in orange.   


The DIPLOMATE resto-bar in Mile End

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Just a step away from our workshop is a hidden jewel with an intimate atmosphere. The DIPLOMATE is not "flashy", but has everything to please. The food is amazing and the selection of wines is well chosen. 

Worthy of this modern restaurant, the DIPLOMATE pant is a good mix of your most comfortable pants and work-friendly trousers. It has an high waist with folds giving that "business" look, but it is made of stretch fabric for maximum comfort.


The FORTUNE restaurant on St-Laurent Street

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In our opinion, this is the best taco place in Montreal! Luckily for us, FORTUNE is in the same Montreal neighbourhood as our workshop. For this reason, we go there often for team lunches. 

Our FORTUNE jacket is very comfortable and is a great choice for transitional weather. When it's too hot to wear a real coat but too cold to just wear only one layer.


The BLOOM Coffee in Pointes-Saint-Charles

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At BLOOM, you will find tasty and creative treats. Jessica and her husband Michael Wiseman opened this Pointe-Saint-Charles gem in 2012. The place is very warm and inviting, with plants and lots of natural light passing through the large windows. You can also check out work by local artists on the walls of this lovely cafe.

This perfect cafe inspired our BLOOM Kimono. It's the perfect piece that goes with just about anything, which is why we ended up repeating the style for three seasons, making it available in different colours. For Spring 2018 we launched it in denim!


The PLAZA restaurant on St-Hubert Street

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The restaurant PLAZA is the perfect place for group dining. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very casual, while maintaining an interesting and eclectic decor. 

We've given the name of this restaurant to our PLAZA dress from the Fall 2017 collection. In fact, this dress would be perfect to wear to this restaurant.  Stylish but relaxed, with a great texture and v-neck back.


The Buvette Chez Simone resto-bar

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Buvette Chez SIMONE is a resto-bar that opened its doors 10 years ago. This place is best known for its sharing menu and wine selection. You will find a warm, lively, and inviting atmosphere for a classic evening in Mile End.

Our SIMONE dress appeared in our very first collection in the Spring of 2016. At that time, we designed it grey with kimono sleeves. It was so popular that it came back for the next three seasons, but in black with long sleeves. Should we bring it back in a new incarnation?


The BOXERMANS Bistro on Van Horne Street

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The opening of BOXERMANS is still fresh in our memory. This Montreal bistro opened last June on Van Horne Street. The owners are young and dynamic with a great sense of design.

Our BOXERMANS dress was part of our Fall 2017 collection. This dress a staple for us last winter, with its hood and super comfy bamboo and cotton fleece blend fabric. Cool and comfy, that's how we like it!

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