Our Care Trinity

Self Care

While managing the ebb and flow of life, we often forget to care for ourselves. That's why we want to design clothes that make us feel wholesome from the inside-out. Simply put, clothes that we can indulge in shamelessly without feeling self-conscious.

Care of Others

We work with a small team of passionate people who treat each other like family. Built around an environment of trust, we brainstorm, create, grow and laugh together. We believe that everybody's opinion and talent matter. That's how we keep our brand healthy and thriving.

Care of the Planet 

We're not tree huggers, but slow fashion is in our fabric. By designing quality essentials, we minimize textile waste, avoid overproduction and help our customers build a curated wardrobe of minimalist pieces that will last them for years. We do so through a thoughtful, intentional and holistic approach - no greenwashing.