About us

Odeyalo started as an idea when two friends, Marie-Eve Proulx and Yana Gorbulsky, were daydreaming about the perfect "work from home" outfit.  We fantasized about having clothes that felt like pyjamas, but were fancy enough to wear out to a meeting or a fancy brunch with friends. The word odeyalo translates to "blanket" in Russian.

We both agreed that the clothing had to be: made with luxuriously soft and cozy fabrics, high quality craftsmanship, and have the perfect fit. Sustainability and local production are key factors in our company ethos. Our hands-on approach results in a product that is truly a combination of our best assets.

A little bit about both of us:


Marie-Eve Proulx has worked as the head designer for large Montreal- based fashion companies for the last 13 years. She has traveled over the world to oversee quality of development and production for her previous jobs, and is bringing a creative vision and professionalism to our small, locally-made company. 

Yana Gorbulsky has a line of kids clothing and has been working as a full-time self employed designer for the last twelve years. She was born in Russia, grew up in New York, and moved to Montreal in her 20's. Having worked for herself for so many years, Yana's strengths are multitasking all of the elements that are necessary for a small, local business to run smoothly.

We believe our combined skills have allowed us to create an excellent and long-lasting product. We hope you love your Odeyalo clothes much as we do!