Since our inception in 2016, we've been on a mission to design iconic and timeless garments that are recognisable by their clean cuts and vibrant colors. Comfortable and versatile, our pieces are suitable for all occasions: for a chic evening or a casual day.  

With our slow, deliberate pace of creation, we advocate responsible consumption by producing our clothes according to the demand. This positioning supports the ideology of Marie-Eve Proulx, its designer, who launched her brand out of conviction and in opposition to the fast fashion world she worked in, for several years.


We aspire to transcend our brand identity towards a unifying concept by remaining focused on sustainable fashion and the actions that support it.

Odeyalo is not a brand but a lifestyle. We don't want to limit ourselves to a singular identity. Our boutique-workshop is a place of gathering where everyone is welcomed, whether to find their new favorite garment or to gain knowledge about responsible local fashion. We want to bring people together in a personalized experience. We have the desire to influence our clients to make better choices by teaching them techniques to preserve the lifespan of their clothes without compromising their need to be fashionable.


Comfort: For us, comfort is a state of mind at the core of our collections. The best of us is released when the clothes we put on, in the morning, reflects who we are. The name Odeyalo means "blanket" in Russian, which translates to the comforting, enveloping aspect of our clothes.

Self-affirmation and authenticity: Life is too short to be bored. Made with saturated colors  and bold cuts, our creations have their own story. We aim to empower individuals with the opportunity to confidently express their own identity.

Transparency: We are open to share the mechanics of our local production and our actions are motivated by a desire to create a positive social and environmental impact.



Odeyalo advocates slow, sustainable fashion that adapts to the demand. To achieve this, many of our styles are made-to-order. This practice allows us to reduce passive inventory.

We understand that everyone has their preferences and that each body is different. Those are the reasons why we instored alterations and repairs services in our workshop. It helps to ensure the longevity of our clothes. 


Odeyalo limits its offcuts by adapting patterns to the size of the fabrics in our collections.We continually work with a number of partners to give our scraps a second life.

We team up with Le Point Visible to make coats. Our partner collects the scraps that the customer has chosen beforehand in order to make a short point. Then, we make it to measure for the customer. 

Atelier Retailles is an invaluable partner that recovers our offcuts of natural materials (from plants) to make paper. It's also a place where you can learn to make your own paper, and a workshop for local craftspeople.

Multidisciplinary visual artist Karen Kraven also uses some of our offcuts to create some magnificent works, including sculptures and installations.


Our customers have the choice of having it delivered or picking it up in person, at the shop. It’s an easier way for them to get their items, especially if they live nearby. 

For local deliveries, we favor the Chasseur Courrier bicycle delivery service. It's fast, professional, efficient and available year-round for orders in Montréal.

Because we care about the packaging of our products, (we give the possibility to select the Quil Bag, which is a reusable envelope and an eco-friendly alternative. At a shared cost of $2, our customers can receive their items in the envelope. Once they're done opening their parcel, they simply have to drop the Quil Bag  in a postal box to return it to us. No additional steps are needed since it's prepaid. We will disinfect it and reuse it for future orders.

We don’t use polybags or print receipts as well, since they are sent by email. For our tags, we wrote the information with erasable pens to be able to reuse them. The customer has the choice to leave with or without the tags of their items.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for us, we would be glad to hear them and work accordingly.