One year already?!

One year already?!

Say whaaaat?! They say time flies when you’re having fun, and this year has gone by in the blink of an eye.  Odeyalo is already celebrating its one year anniversary!  We feel we’ve achieved some great things and this past year is giving us hope for the future!

For the past twelve months, we’ve experienced a wide range of emotions. There have been ups and downs. As entrepreneurs, we face so many challenges.  We have to wear ALL the hats (even some that we don’t want to wear!).  In order to run this business, I had to be...

Lancement officiel ODEYALO official launch party***@LOWELL MTL

Venez célébrer le lancement officiel de notre ligne Odeyalo!!! Ce sera pour vous l'occasion parfaite d'essayer toute notre collection et pouvoir toucher le confort dans ces pièces où nous avons donné tout notre amour.

Vous pouvez vous "mettre sur votre 36" mais nous on sera habillés en mou ;)


Come and celebrate with us the official launch of our Odeyalo clothing line!!! This will give you the opportunity to try our collection and feel what comfort really means to us.

You can dress to impress, but we'll be wearing sweatpants ;)

Welcome to Odeyalo !

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