7 Facts You Should Know About Odeyalo

7 Facts You Should Know About Odeyalo


1. Who is Behind Odeyalo?

Odeyalo was established by Yana Gorbulsky and Marie-Eve Proulx on April 7th, 2016. Both women are responsible for managing everything in the business such as: the search of ideas, production, design, etc. As of June 2017, Vanessa Girard joined the Odeyalo team and was put in charge of the marketing department, in hopes to diminish the overall workload.


2. "Made in Montreal"

Since Montreal is known for having a booming fashion industry, the women of Odeyalo take pride in keeping all of their production local. All the fabrics are from Montreal suppliers, production is cut locally and then sent to local seamstresses.  Quality control is made in house and every single order is packed in our workshop.

Also, the company works alongside several local designers such as  The StoweYYYUrsa Minor StudioDahls, Arc Jewellery etc.. These partners are a source of inspiration, but most importantly, they bring life to the workshop!


3. Men and Women?

The first two collections launched by Odeyalo had a variety of clothing for men, but as of recently, the focus is solely on women's fashion. The company still carries some unisex styles such as: HERMAN unisex sweater and the unisex CARDINAL pants.


4. Comfy Fabrics

All fabrics are chosen so they are as comfortable as possible. The main fibers found in the fabrics of the clothing are: cotton, bamboo, viscose, wool and recycled polyester. Odeyalo aims to use the most sustainable and natural fabrics to make their clothing.


5. Exclusive Prints

A portion of Odeyalo's clothing is printed. These prints are designed by local artists who make them exclusively for the brand. Here are some patterned items still in stock on our Website

KALLIO shorts, MOKO top and REGATTA top


6. Bike Delivery Option in Montreal

Odeyalo offers four-season bike delivery throughout the year and this option can be selected at checkout. In the coldest weather conditions, there is an electric car that is assigned to deliver the orders.


7. Come Visit Us at Our Workshop!

We want our customers to find the perfect items. Therefore, it is possible to try on the clothes at the workshop in Montreal by booking an appointment online here.

In addition, customers can also schedule an appointment to pick up an order that they have purchased online. This saves clients from paying shipping fees and they get to meet the Odeyalo team.

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