How to choose the right garment size at Odeyalo? 😮

How to choose the right garment size at Odeyalo? 😮


I recently watched an educational video about body measurements and quickly realized I didn’t know anything about it. After chatting with my school colleagues and since starting an internship at Odeyalo, I quickly found out that I was far from being the only person who didn’t know how to take my body measurements. I actually have the impression that most of you are in my situation, right? Yet, this is an essential element to consider when shopping online. That’s why I thought I’d offer my help through this blog post. Hoping that sharing my knowledge here will allow you to solve your merchandise returns problems, while simplifying your shopping. ;)To put you in context, I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself and my journey. Nothing stops you from going directly to the measurements part if you wish. No offense! ;)WHO AM I ?I am currently a graduate in fashion marketing at Cégep Marie-Victorin. My leap into this industry comes from my strong interest in clothing and the freedom that comes with it, and that interest kept growing during my high school years. Let me explain: at that time, I was required to wear a uniform. Maybe you too will understand the feeling that comes with this obligation when you like to express yourself through clothing. Coming from a remote area where the minds were rather closed, the majority of the students didn’t understand my interest in fashion. Tired of this lack of open mindness, I decided to follow my passion in a place where I could finally feel myself. Today I finally have the chance to discover the world of the fashion industry, thanks to my internship at Odeyalo. During a session where we had to choose a local company, I was immediately inspired by Odeyalo and its way of emphasizing eco-responsibility. Aware of the environmental impacts caused by the industry, Odeyalo makes sure to reduce its ecological impact as much as possible while manufacturing its products locally by a small, tight-knitted team. In fact, being a person with a great need for comfort myself, Odeyalo appealed to me by the way it made it accessible.Now’s the time to get down to business. ;) Are you ready ?



In order to make it easier to take your measurements, I recommend that you dress comfortably, yet wearing clothes that are close to your body. The idea is not to add any additional volume that would distort the measurements. Try to adopt a relaxed but upright posture and, when taking measurements, to keep two fingers flat between the body and the tape as shown in the image below. This is a safety margin for ease. I also recommend using a mirror, that will be very helpful to double check you’re doing it right. Finally, make sure you always keep the tape horizontally & parallel to the ground.




Important: The measurements of the bust, waist and hips are the three main measurements that Odeyalo highlights on their size charts. There are a couple of other measurements you can take, but some of them do require a little help. If you make it that far in the process, know that this person will have to stand on your right or left side and not in front of you, so you have a visual to double check the position of the tape. Since size charts vary from one company to another, it’s important to rely on Odeyalo’s specific one when you shop on the website. Find it HERE. In addition, all of the product pages contain the flat measurements of each garment size as shown in the image below. The goal is to provide more information in order to select the desired fit.



You’re finally ready to measure yourself!



Bust measurement: This is the fullest part of the chest.



The waist measurement: Quick tip; if you lean on the side, you will find a hollow between what are called « love handles ». This is where the measurement should be taken.



Hip measurement: Like the chest, this is the fullest part of the hips. Little tip; all you have to do is find your hip bone, the one you’ve probably hit a few times.



Belly measurement: This measurement is slightly lower than the waist. 

The crotch measurement: Just hold the tape to be measured at waist level (see the waist measurement) then pass it between the legs and come back to find the waist height at the back. To make it easier to take measurements, I suggest putting a belt around your waist.

The measurement of the length of the arms: Note that this measurement is much easier to take with someone’s help. Your companion should choose a spine bone about 3 inches below the neck. From there, move it towards the top of the shoulder. Then, from the tip of the shoulder, go down to your bent elbow. Finally, measure your arm down to the desired sleeve length. Supporting photo below to help you visualize the process. Phew, were you successful or do you need a third person ;)?



The Shoulder Measurement: Just like the arm length measurement (see previous photo), just pick a spine bone about 3 inches below the neck and go down to the point of the shoulder. For clothes lying flat, measure from seam to seam.

The measurement of the inside leg length: Once again, this measurement is much easier to take with a friend. Just place the tape at crotch level and highest part of your thighs, and then measure along the leg down to where you want your pants to end.

Measurement of the outer leg length: From the waist, let the tape to be drop down on your hip to where you want your pants to end.  



I hope you enjoyed my advices and that it will be useful to you! Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments, I will be happy to read you. Please feel free to contact the team at the following address for any further questions. It’s always a pleasure to help you in this process. Is there any other technical knowledge related to the garment that you would like to learn about?


Rosalie Houle

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