What to wear when working from home (or when a big study session is ahead!)

What to wear when working from home (or when a big study session is ahead!)

Working from home has its advantages: you avoid the stress of traffic or public transport, you manage your own schedule and you can dress the way you want! However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comfort and to stay in your pajamas all day on the couch. This is the kind of habit that makes your productivity take a hit.

At Odeyalo, we’ve developed a few tricks to boost our efficiency and motivate us not to take too many "Pinterest" breaks. It starts with choosing a comfortable outfit that’s cute enough not to be tempted by your bed!

Here are three outfit suggestions:


The stay at home day

This kind of day is the most tempting to adopt the holed shirt + worn leggings look. You have an endless «to do list» and you know that you probably won’t have the chance to get outside for several hours. Without having to put on tights and a dress or fitted trousers, you can still wear fancy basics. Our Courcelle sweatshirt is soft as a kitten, while having a beautiful structure and our Majestique pants are as comfortable as leggings with a professional touch, thanks to its waist pleats!



The meeting in a coffee shop

Because sometimes we have to go out to meet a colleague or a client, it is always pratical to own an outfit in which we feel good in and that does not go unnoticed at the same time. Our Boris top and Santa Barbara culottes seem to be designed specifically for this type of occasion. The fun print and the golden zip give our top a more stylish look and the culottes are definitely THE piece of the season.



From work to happy hour!

Summer is coming and will be accompanied by hot days where opportunities for outings will be more frequent. To avoid having to change after work, we suggest you choose the lovely Simone dress. In addition to being super comfy because of it’s fabric and oversized cut, it’s kimono sleeves give it a fun and effortless style.


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