Four ways to wear the maxi coat in spring

Four ways to wear the maxi coat in spring

Although the winter is almost over (OK, maybe not almost, but the worst has passed…) the cold season is still very much here.  If you’re anything like me, you probably love your coat, but you’re tired of wearing the same old style everyday.  That’s why this week I’ve been looking for original ideas to give a little edge to my wardrobe while wrapping up and keeping warm! 

Sometimes, it’s only a matter of finding the right idea to take your style from good to great!  Here are two of my favorite trends for February:


A classic and simple essential, a good scarf interacts with your coat and complements it.  Lately, I took my style to the next level by wearing scarves that are the same color as my coat.  For instance, I wear my FIGARO coat with my SOCIÉTÉ scarf.  If you want, you can choose between light pink and gray as seen on the cover picture, but you can also play it cool and choose a more colorful style.  Express yourself and create your own approach! It’s a fun way to make everyday extra special!




In my opinion, layering is the coolest!  I love this look because it allows me to wear my lighter coats all year long.  You can layer a sweater under your coat for ultimate comfiness, or for a more structured look you can wear your favorite denim or leather jacket under your garment (as shown on the pictures below).  Basically, if you’re like me and you never know what to wear, just wear everything!



OK, now that winter trends are out of the way, let’s talk about spring…  Spring is synonymous with crazy weather, and you know what that means?  It’s time to throw your coat in the mothballs for another year and take out your mid-season coat!  Here are two accessories you should pick-up right now if you’re as hopeful as I am and you're trying to channel springtime with some positive thinking.


Once the temperature gets warmer, why not dress up your coat with a subtle fashion statement: a vintage leather belt.  In addition to having a practical side (i.e. keeping your garment closed), it highlights your body by cinching the waist.  If you don’t have a leather belt lying around the house, just use the self-belt that comes with the coat!  I know what you’re thinking, you’ll never be able to do a belt twist as nice as the one below…  It’s actually pretty easy, here’s how to do it:




Also, once spring is here, we can finally store our big boots and get comfortable in our sneakers.  Warm and cozy, it’s the perfect casual look for the spring!  Hey, while you’re at it, why not complete your urban style with our SPARROW hat?  As with the FIGARO coat and the SOCIÉTÉ scarf, we offer two colors for this piece knitted with 100% cotton.  It’s the perfect material to be ready for any weather, cool or warm.  



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